Zephyrhills Public Schools

Zephyrhills, Florida

Influential Teachers:
Zephyrhills High School – At the high school level, it was Mr. Camper who was a very influential teacher. He worked with me and helped me grow in my life experiences. Mr. Camper was an English teacher and I had the privilege of having him for three years in journalism. Many other teachers helped me develop along the way.

Zephyrhills Middle School – As I went into middle school, Mrs. Mitchell had the privilege of teaching me for two straight years. She was the teacher that had a biggest influence on me during my these years. She taught me in all subjects, as I was part of a Fifth and Sixth Grade Combination class (we nicknamed “Combo”).

West Zephyrhills Elementary School – In grade school it was Mrs. Eikeland who believed in me and helped me to see, early on, the potential that I had in my life.