Eleven Reasons to Encourage One Another!

Besides the fact we are told to over and over again in the New Testament . . . I brought out in my sermon this morning these eleven reasons taken from Isaiah 43:1-7 –

We should be an encourager because . . .

  1. We are All Created by God!
  2. We are All Redeemed by God!
  3. We are All Known by Our Name by God!
  4. We are All Protected by God!
  5. We are All Saved by God!
  6. We are All Precious in God’s Sight!
  7. We are All Honored by God!
  8. We are All Loved by God!
  9. We are All Honored with God’s Presence!
  10. We are All Called by God’s Name!
  11. We are All Created for God’s Glory!

Who are we to think that our ministry is to discourage our brother or sister in Christ?

5 Ways to be an Encourager:

  1. Be Appreciative!
  2. Be Respectful!
  3. Instead of being critical – PRAY!
  4. Have a Forgiving Spirit!
  5. Always Remember: NO ONE is perfect!

God bless!

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